Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recovery with a Human Face

Recovery with a Human Face: Discussion with authors of UNICEF’s ‘Adjustment with a human face’ on what has and hasn’t been learnt from past experiences
Richard Morgan, UNICEF (Chair); Sir Richard Jolly, IDS and Professor Frances Stewart, Oxford.

Richard Morgan is the Director of Policy and Practice at UNICEF. He has published widely on on household food security, social welfare policy, rural development and African development issues, as well as on development strategies, human rights approaches to development, public spending reform, gender and development.

Sir Richard Jolly is Honorary Professor and Research Associate of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. As co-director of the UN Intellectual History Project, he is currently overseeing and working on a 16 volume history of the UN’s contributions to economic and social development since 1945. Before returning to England in 2000, Richard Jolly was an Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations holding senior positions in UNICEF and UNDP for nearly 20 years. He was from 1996 to 2000 Special Adviser to the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and architect of the widely-acclaimed Human Development Report. Before this, he was, for 14 1/2 years, Deputy Executive Director in UNICEF, with responsibilities for UNICEF’s programmes in over 130 countries of the world, including UNICEF’s strategy for support to countries in reducing child mortality and implementing the goals agreed at the 1990 World Summit for Children. In UNICEF, he also led the agency’s efforts to ensure more attention to the needs of children and women in the making of economic adjustment policies, and co-authored the book Adjustment with a Human Face.

Frances Stewart, MA, DPHIL, OXON is a Development economist. She is Director of the Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE) in the University of Oxford and fellow emeritus of Somerville College, and former director of the University’s International Development Centre (1993-2003). Books include Adjustment with a Human Face, with G A Cornia and R Jolly, OUP, 1987, War and Underdevelopment: the Economic and Social Consequences of Conflict, with Valpy Fitzgerald and others, OUP 2000; Group Behaviour and Development (with Judith Heyer and Rosemary Thorp); and Defining Poverty in the Developing World (with Ruhi Saith and Barbara Harriss-White); and Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict: Understanding Group Violence in Multiethnic Societies (with a team). She was President of the U.K. and Irish Development Studies Association, 1990-1992, and is a former Board member and Vice-Chairman of the International Food Policy Research Institute and an Overseer of the Thomas Watson Institute, Brown University. She is Vice-Chair of the United Nations Committee for Development Policy, and President of the Human Development and Capability Association. She received the UNDP’s Mahbub ul Haq award for outstanding contributions to Human Development in 2009.

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